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decadent_chains's Journal

17 November 1991

Hello. I'm 15, live in London and thoroughly enjoy doing so, wish I was a bit taller even though I'm actually a good height (this is the last time I'll admit it). Er, I used to write things on my arm in Latin lessons, such as: 'multus sanguis fluet' and some other things which I've now forgotten. I like semi colons and shouting strange things from time to time and finishing my sentences in French and scaring my mum by laughing hysterically with my brother.

I like lots of stuff. I would say I was brought up on good TV, but it just happened that when I was 7, lots of good things were put on BBC2 at 9. Anyway, I like: Coupling; Blackadder; Green Wing; Black Books; Have I Got News For You; Young Ones; Bottom; The Mighty Boosh; The League of Gentlemen; That Mitchell and Webb Look; Bremner Bird and Fortune; The Smoking Room; QI; Bottom; Red Dwarf; The Thick of It and more. I don't watch as many films, and I really should, but I do like Donnie Darko amongst others. I'm much better at music though. I listen to Arcade Fire, Augustana, Beatles, Bloc Party, Blur, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Cursive, Death Cab For Cutie, Elliott Smith, Jimmy Eat World, Keziah Jones, Kings of Leon, Klaxons, Libertines, Mystery Jets, Postal Service, Radiohead, Smiths, Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. My favourite books at the moment are Lolita, Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Clockwork Orange and I Capture the Castle, although I'm very much into Harry Potter. And fanfic. Especially Shoebox.

this journal
Isn't all that interesting. I'm not saying that because it's friends only and I want to scare you off, simply because it's really not. However, if you do want to read it just comment and I'll be pleased to oblige. I'm quite friendly actually, even if I can be unexplainably rude to people in real life from time to time.

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